RV Suspension


Aftermarket RV Suspension can be installed on nearly any motorhome or trailer. Do to a wide range of options, customers should work with an experienced dealer to be sure that the kit meets their needs.


Aftermarket RV Suspension allow for improvement in ride height helping to increase gas milage. Some RV Suspenion systems work with an onboard air compressor, air storage tank and a set of valves. In the United States, these setups have become popular because of their ability to adjust load capacity. For example, when installed on a motorhome, this type of RV Suspension can allow for the height to be adjusted to accommodate different towing, pushing and carrying loads.


RV Suspension Improves Performance


RV Suspension


Different companies make Motorhome and RV Suspension kits created specifically for your motorhome. For example, Winnebago kits are made by numerous manufactures. Once a kit has been properly installed, ride comfort and driving control can be enhanced in a variety of road conditions. Some compressors have additional practical uses, including the ability to rapidly inflate a flat tire.


Maintenance is an important part of RV Suspension kits, especially with air ride systems. Many components work with a filter that must be cleaned and replaced every few months. As with any vehicle suspension, tire pressure should be carefully watched since even the best RV Suspension kits can't correct certain issues.


Mac Springs is a wholesale distributor for a wide range of aftermarket RV Suspension kits. The company sells products, including Motorhome kits, to both businesses and individuals in the United States. For more information, please call 1-866-631-3626.